There's a new app, called: "Party Goes On", That's my new app!
Download it in the app store and stay up to date!
Drumstep Kit 1 is done!
Download it for free at the page sample packs, and then click on Drumstep kit 1 and then download.
Soon I'm going to create sample packs, with loops that you can use for your own tracks, and you don't need to say that you used some samples from me in your tracks, unless you want to do that.
Coming up: Drumstep Kit 1!
I am working on a new album, called "low battery".
the first track is already published, it's named: "gravity".
you can view and play them both in "All Singles & Albums", in the menu.
Now the new track: "Blue" is done, the album Mu6 EP is also done!
avaible soon on spotify!
Listen Blue here:
Now you can listen to my music on spotify:
new: events calendar! with events from DJ Neonator
there are 3 new widgets:
counter widget;
here you can see who's online on this site.
Chatroom widget;
Chat with other visitors!
You can write something in here, or record something.
also for questions, but when the forum's done, ask your questions there.
more widgets are coming soon!